Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bucks Fly Together

From the mind that brought you Seasons in the Sun, we have decided that there needs to more Ohio State hockey coverage.  We find it utterly silly that at one of the largest college's in the United States there is barely any hockey coverage what so ever.  We will attempt as much as possible to be completely unbiased, though we cannot promise anything.  We will give you game updates and scores, stories about the players and banter about Ohio State Hockey.

Why Bucks Fly Together?  This is pretty clear if you have seen any of the Mighty Ducks movies.  If you haven't well you might want to take a break from life for a while and watch the trilogy.  It is specifically taken from the locker room scene where they say, "Ducks Fly Together."  The speech is meant to promote team chemistry and positivity.  I would tell you more, but you really need to see the movie if you do not know what I am talking about. 

So with that, I will close this introduction of Bucks Fly Together.  I hope if you are reading this that you will enjoy what you read in the future.  If you have read Seasons in the Sun, there will be much of the same formatting and writing style.  I will try to put as much emotion and positivity as possible into this blog.

One minute left to go in the period...


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